Number One San Diego Court Accepted Online Traffic School

If you were ticketed in San Diego – whether in University City or the Core District, in Point Loma or Carmel Mountain – Traffic School Cheap N Easy has the solution. In the 8th largest city in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of people driving every day as they go to work or go shopping, or visit the many sites this city has to offer, for example in Old Town, in Downtown San Diego, in Miramar, Point Loma, La Jolla, or San Ysidro, driving can prove a challenge. As long as you were ticketed in San Diego and permitted by the court to take traffic school to mask the point, you can take our course.

We know getting a citation is unpleasant, so we do everything we can to make clearing a ticket as stress-free as possible. In a city as large as San Diego, you have many traffic schools to choose from, so why choose ours?

  1. Reliability: We are California DMV Licensed and court accepted by the Superior Court of California in San Diego. Our DMV License number is E1897, and you may verify us on the DMV Website as well:  
  2. Convenience: Traffic School Cheap N Easy values your time and comfort. This is why you can take our stress-free school in just 2 simple steps: Register in just a few minutes, then take our course, and you’re done! The course itself is short (11 reading sections followed by a 25-question final test), all open-book, with no timers, instructional, and easy (written at a 6th grade reading level). You can log in and out, and access it from various devices, making this the number one traffic school to go.
  3. Speed: Take as much time as you want to complete the course – you will receive credit for 8 hours’ traffic school whether you complete in a few hours or over several days. When you complete, we process the certificate to the California DMV on your behalf, same-day or within 3 days, depending on the package you select.
  4. Affordability: We are proud to offer excellent service at low prices. We offer different packages so that we can tailor our offer to your specific needs. In fact, you can take the entire course for free – just pay to take the final test!

To take traffic school that is cheap and speedy, as well as reliable and convenient, choose Traffic School Cheap N Easy. Chat to one of our agents today, available 24-7, 365, for an even better deal.

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