Kern County Traffic School

If you have found yourself in Kern County and need to dismiss ticket express, our instant traffic school is the optimal solution for you. Namely, over the years, TrafficSchoolCheapNEasy has specialized for last minute situations when students are in a hurry because their certificate due date is close.

As the name already suggests, every service that our traffic violator school offers is not only fast but also low cost and efficient. Since we are a 100% online traffic school, everything is done on the Internet - you register on our website by clicking Sign up and then you may proceed with taking our quick fun traffic school course that is entirely self-paced, thus being able to set your own schedule. It is up to you to decide whether you want to finish it in one sitting or you want to take breaks and take it at your own pace - in any case, your progress will be automatically saved. Upon your successful completion of our final pain free traffic school exam (that is based on the prior reading and quizzes), our last minute traffic school will send your certificate express to the DMV/Court on your behalf.

Please note that our traffic school to go is both a DMV licensed traffic school (E1897) and a Court accepted traffic school online; therefore, it represents a safe and secure ticket removal tool. Moreover, if you want to check how this all works, you can choose our "Start Now Pay Later" option, which is a great opportunity for you to go throughout the whole course and pay only when you are ready to take the final exam.

No matter which device you use - whether that be an ordinary desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, rest assured that our modern traffic school course is compatible with it. If you have any questions and need clarification, contact our 24/7 customer support via live chat or phone support!

Quick Points

  • Fast, Fun, & Easy!
  • 24 Hour Support
  • DMV License: E1897
  • DMV Licensed & Bonded
  • 100% guaranteed to be easy
  • SIGN UP & Pay Online now with a Credit Card, Debit Check Card or Pay Later by Money Order
  • Express Delivery Options